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Dr. Rozelle has been working in the field of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback since 1990. He’s a licensed and certified psychotherapist, Board certified neurotherapist, Board certified Quantitative Electroencephalography Technologist (QEEGD), a Diplomate in Neurofeedback, and Senior Fellow with the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).

He has presented at state, national, and international conferences and has written several Publications including: Neurotherapy for Stroke Rehabilitation: Biofeedback and Self-Regulation.  After obtaining his Doctorate from the University of Florida in 1978, Dr. Rozelle worked in clinical and administrative positions in the field of addictions. While serving as Program Director at Anabasis, an innovative addictions treatment program, Dr. Rozelle investigated an innovative approach to alcoholism treatment called alpha-theta brain wave training.

After studying the technique at the Menninger Institute in Topeka, he enjoyed success with brain wave training for addictions. He later was able to apply the technology to help a colleague recover from a stroke. Since then, Dr. Rozelle has worked with many conditions including stress disorders, neurological disorders, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, attention deficit disorders, as well as addictions. He also works with highly motivated clients interested in enhancing their performance.

Dr. Rozelle has presented lectures and workshops on a variety of topics including neurofeedback treatment for stroke, traumatic brain injury, trichotillomania, QEEG, peak performance training, and transformational experiences. He has led workshops on combining peripheral and EEG Biofeedback, Brain Music Therapy, Mental Fitness Training, Age Related Cognitive Decline, and Healthy Aging. He is currently the lead investigator of a multi-site controlled study on neurofeedback treatment of retired NFL professional football players.

Dr. Rozelle has been an active member of the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), the Biofeedback Society of Florida (BSF), and the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR). He serves on the Board of Directors of the Biofeedback Society of Florida. He’s also a pioneer in the application of neuroscience to mental fitness training.

Learn more about presentations and publications by Dr. Rozelle.

Maxine Satrape, Office AdministratorMaxine Satrape

Office Administrator
Maxine Satrape is a Florida native who graduated from Everglades University with a Bachelor’s degree in Science for Alternative Medicine in 2015. She is also certified in Quantum Reflex Analysis through Dr. Bob Marshall’s Premier Research Labs training and has been working in the integrative medical field for over 2 years. Besides having a passion to assist others in reaching their full health potential, Maxine is immensely passionate about facilitating the organization and practices of integrative and holistic health practitioners to provide the best possible atmosphere and service for everyone.

The following bios are presented in alphabetical order.


Jeffrey Anglin is the Clinical Director of CenterPointe at MindSpa’s Intensive Outpatient Program. He holds degrees from Denison University and Ohio State University. Jeff moved to Florida from Ohio in 1993, and became Director of Substance Abuse Services for Charlotte Behavioral Healthcare. In 1997, Jeff was appointed Director of the agency’s Crisis Stabilization Unit. In 1998, he founded the first 24-hour walk-in clinic for substance abuse and mental health in the state of Florida.

Jeff owns Morningstar Counseling, a private practice specializing in the treatment of addictive disorders. Over the past two decades, he has earned a reputation in the community for treating these survivors. He’s also trained in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress, and continually updates his knowledge of science-based practices related to trauma recovery.

Additionally, Jeff contracts to provide services for impaired medical professionals, persons with HIV/AIDS, and children placed in foster care. He’s board certified in addictions (Florida Certification Board) and his practice is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families.


Darlene Coleman is a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master / Teacher, and instructor specializing in Neuro-Linguistics, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Energy Balancing Healing. Her personal coaching website is Darlene Coleman Coaching. She currently supports patients in Sarasota as well as supporting clients around the U.S. Her extensive studies in holistic healing have led to success in helping adults and children of all ages relieve emotional and physical pain, while supporting their personal success plans.

Techniques are designed to recognize and correct dysfunctional, life-inhibiting patterns and address cycles of illness as well as feelings of fear, confusion, and anxiety in order to gain the increased self-awareness and understanding that can lead to health, wholeness and feeling more connected with self and others. Darlene is passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their potential by working with leading-edge, holistic healing modalities designed to break through personal barriers.

A graduate of Bennett-Stellar University, Darlene provides private and group coaching services to clients ranging from professional athletes to writers to homemakers or the high level professional. She’s the author of the I-Stop Smoking Workbook and addiction-cessation program. Her holistic healing program has been used in treatment facilities around the world.

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Darlene was meritoriously promoted twice and honorably discharged. She went on to work as a paramedic and firefighter in the greater Washington DC area, where she also hosted the television program, Fire and Rescue Digest.


Ken DiPersio with KJD Therapy has more than 25 years clinical experience in helping people release their pain and suffering while supporting the body’s return to health. He works with people of all ages including newborns, children, athletes, and seniors. He operates a private practice in both Sarasota and St. Petersburg with MindSpa serving as his local office.

His extensive training includes 700 hours of biodynamic training with certification through the International School of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. The Craniosacral method of treatment looks at the whole body, treating the causes of dysfunction rather than symptoms. Trained by some of the top physicians and therapists in the field, Ken brings a wealth of experience to achieve successful outcomes.

Ken’s extensive Craniosacral training from 1991 through 2001 was with The Upledger Institute based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He’s a Certified CST practitioner through Dr. John Upledger, the Institute’s founder. He’s also a former instructor who taught more than 500 classes.

Ken is also a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist through the International Academy for Neuromuscular Therapy. Ken is a national speaker and Instructor for Cross Country Education since 2007. Here’s a link to an interview with Ken on Thriving on the Suncoast, a radio show hosted by Michael Jones.


Jasmin Driessen is a holistic Health and Wellness Coach. She has been consulting and educating individuals regarding nutrition, lifestyle and prevention since 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

Jasmin is now pursuing a career in Neurofeedback Therapy at MindSpa and is currently working as Dr. Rozelle’s assistant.

She moved to Sarasota in 2006 from Duesseldorf, Germany and speaks English and German fluently. Her European roots as well as her two year old son Adam fuel her passion to enlighten and motivate clients to become the best version of themselves.


Dr. Cynthia Higgins is a trained physician with 10 years experience in psychiatry who shifted her focus from conventional approaches to energy therapy, life coaching and intuitive counseling. She’s a member of the Anxiety and Depressive Disorders Association of America.

Dr. Higgins completed Medical School at the University of South Florida and her Internship in Psychiatry at Duke University. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Molecular Biology at Princeton University. Dr. Higgins is a Master Level Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy, Facilitator for the Whole Life Integration Program and a graduate of the Adoni Institute for Metaphysical Advancement.

Her diverse experience helping patients deal with emotional and behavioral issues includes working in private practice, residential clinics and community mental health centers. Some of her hobbies and interests include fitness, enjoying time in nature, studying ancient cultures, her Siberian Husky named Iro, and being a mom to her two children.


Dr. Lindenfeld is a Clinical Psychologist and founder of the RESET Therapy Professional Institute. The Institute is dedicated to the permanent healing of emotional trauma. He served in the Navy Seabees prior to attaining his doctorate in Child and Developmental Psychology at Utah State University in 1971. He completed his Residency in Medical Psychology at the University of Oregon Medical School and holds a Diplomate in Clinical Psychology. He was also certified in EEG Biofeedback by BCIA and the Academy of Certified Neurotherapists.

Dr. Lindenfeld has served as Director of the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit at the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pennsylvania, Executive Director at the CMHC Center for Human Development in Grand Forks, ND, and Seminole County Mental Health Center in Altamonte Springs, FL.

As part of his practice working with veterans, Dr. Lindenfeld has monitored ongoing memory research and pursued the application of non-invasive potential of neuro-acoustical intervention. This has led to the development of RESET Therapy, which has demonstrated rapid and enduring remission of the emotional aspects of PTSD. He’s now conducting research related to varied applications of RESET Therapy including addictive disorders.

Debi MaCloud, Licensed Massage TherapistDEBI MaCLOUD, LMT (MA44093)

Debi is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy in 2005 before studying under Jim Cain to receive her certification in neuromuscular therapy in 2006. She’s passionate about helping clients with massage therapy given its integrated benefiting the mind, body and spirit.

Her practice includes working with a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals looking for relaxation to those working to overcome serious injuries.

For each client Debi prefers to create a custom massage using a variety of modalities, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myo-Fascial Release, and Neuromuscular Therapy. Her goal is to help clients achieve a sense of balance and optimum health. While working the entire body she concentrates on specific areas of concern using a three-dimensional approach to provide comprehensive support.


Dr. Maddie Mo’Hyla is a chiropractor and nationally-certified personal trainer and health coach. She also provides nutraceuticals to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals. Please call MindSpa to book an appointment at 941-378-9959. You can reach Dr. Mo’Hyla directly at 941-840-0862.

Dr. Mo’Hyla graduated from D’Youville College in Buffalo, New York. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Health and Wellness from Buffalo State College. She concentrated on adult fitness and nutrition with a minor in athletic coaching. Prior to becoming a chiropractor, she started her own personal training and nutritional consulting company.

Dr. Mo’Hyla has worked with spinal injuries including disc herniation, pre-and post-surgical spinal care, sports-related injuries, headaches and migraines, trauma from work-related injuries, motor vehicle accidents, nerve entrapment syndromes, and neurological conditions. Dr. Mo’Hyla uses rapid release vibration technology for scar tissue therapy and advanced myofascial release.


Carrie owns CenterPointe Counseling and Recovery in Venice and she’s affiliated with MindSpa through the CenterPointe at MindSpa joint venture. This unique collaboration of addiction treatment professionals in the region combines traditional therapy with the latest in brain-based technology supported by select spa services.

Carrie is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Addiction Counselor who has been working in the field of addiction for more than 25 years. She not only works in the field professionally, but she’s been in recovery herself from her own addiction for the past 26 years.

Carrie also has experience working with adolescents and adults coping with anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder. For the past four years, Carrie has been facilitating Intensive Outpatient Groups (IOP) for clients who need extra support for mental health and substance abuse issues. The groups focus on cognitive behavior therapy and learning new ways to process thoughts and feelings.


Kendra Simpkins owns Sarasota Rapid Resolution Therapy and works with the founder of RRT, Dr. Jon Connelly. RRT is an integrative therapy that credentialed practitioners use to help clear anxiety, guilt and grief associated with prior trauma.

Kendra earned a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of South Florida. She’s currently a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern. Kendra served in the U.S. Army as an Intelligence Analyst and was honorably discharged in 2010. During her program at Columbia, she conducted research in PTSD and trauma at Columbia Medical Center and provided therapeutic counseling to many veterans. Kendra has also served as a peer mentor with the Wounded Warrior Project.

Before opening Sarasota Rapid Resolution Therapy, Kendra provided Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and used the Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device (BAUD) in private practice to support clients dealing with PTSD symptoms. She also provided counseling to a wide range of veterans from college campuses to homeless shelters. You can reach Kendra at 941-504-3040.

Rachel Toomim, Acupuncture PhysicianRACHEL TOOMIM, AP

Rachel Toomim, AP is an Acupuncture Physician with more than 30 years experience in health care delivery, and more than 26 years as a practicing acupuncturist. She has been recognized as a distinguished leader, scholar and a results-oriented practitioner. Dr. Toomim has been with MindSpa since its inception and she also owns Advanced Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.

As acknowledgement of her advanced acupuncture techniques and leadership skills, she received the Chief Justice Commendation from the Supreme Court of Florida and was elected to three national acupuncture boards. She teaches nationally, and has served as faculty for the University of Miami’s School of Complementary & Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Toomim was invited to support first responders in the State of Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina. She provided acupuncture clinical support to Coast Guard, FEMA, and other responders during the relief effort. She helped create a model for acupuncture response to emergency situations and is experienced in the treatment of acute, chronic and post-traumatic stress.

Dr. Toomim is able to merge acupuncture theory with understandings from modern medicine to allow for better integration with treatment provided by your doctor and other practitioners. In addition to acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Dr. Toomim is experienced in two forms of energy psychology: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the Quantum Clearing System (QCS). Her training in this area began at the University of Miami in 2002.

She has over 30 years’ experience in bodywork, and has offered an advanced form of CranioSacral technique since 1992. She also performs Classical Feng Shui, and is a graduate of the acclaimed Wu Ji Academy; the only Feng Shui academy sanctioned by the Chinese Government.

Through more than 12 years of ongoing advanced studies with acupuncture’s foremost scholar, Tran Viet Dzung MD, Dr. Toomim has advanced training in these areas: Addictions, Behavioral and Mental Health, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Immunology, Neurology, Nephrology, Oncology, Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, throat), Ophthalmology, Pulmonology, and Rheumatology.


Jennifer Wilson is the Executive Director of The Wilson Institute. Her highly trained team of clinicians and experts in Functional Medicine provide a variety of modalities to improve overall immune function to patients.

Modalities include Nutritional IV Therapy, Glutahione IV TherapyAmniotic Therapy (Regenerative Medicine), Proprietary Integrative Lyme Disease Protocols, the BEMER (Peripheral Vascular Therapy), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Anti-aging, and Microscopy (Live Blood Analysis and Saliva Testing).

Collaborating Physicians


Dr. Koberda is physically located in Tallahassee, Fl., but his services may be utilized remotely for EEG and QEEG interpretation and SKYPE neurological consultation. This may be a viable alternative for complex neurological cases or where insurance reimbursement is possible. His bio follows.

J. Lucas Koberda, MD PhD-TNBC Medical Director

Dr. J. Lucas Koberda is a board certified neurologist and an internationally trained physician who completed his residency in Neurology at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. Prior to his neurological training, he received his Ph.D. based on his research in the area of tumor immunology. His research skills were also enhanced by post-doctoral training completed at MD. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Tx. Dr. Koberda is currently affiliated with The Florida State University College of Medicine. Dr. Koberda also has founded and became CEO of “Brain Enhancement, Inc.” non-for profit organization. This organization focuses on neuromodulation and modern therapy of many neuropsychiatric disorders including Alzheimer’s dementia, TBI, depression/anxiety, autistic spectrum/ADHD, epilepsy and chronic pain.

His main interest is in neuro-psychiatry and cognitive enhancement. He uses the newest technology of QEEG and Neurofeedback to successfully diagnose and treat many medical conditions including seizures, headaches, fibromyalgia chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and prior stroke. Dr. Koberda has also effectively introduced neurofeedback protocols for a cognitive enhancement which may help students and professionals to improve their memory, concentration, verbal function or information processing speed.

Dr. Koberda also has been appointed in August, 2010 by Governor Charlie Christ as a member of the Alzheimer’s Disease Advisory Committee for a 4 years term (The Committee serves as an advising body to the Florida State Government). Dr. Koberda has published multiple publications in different scientific journals and serves as international neuroscience speaker and consultant.

To schedule a consultation via Skype please call 850 877-2802.

(941) 378-9959
5632 Bee Ridge Road, Unit 101, Sarasota, FL 34233