“Dear MindSpa Folks,

Thank all of you who helped so much to improve my life in several ways.  The professionalism, thoroughness, and the kindness of all make MindSpa a very special welcoming place.  I offer these bookmarks as reminders to you of my deep appreciation.

Also, to me, the bookmarks represent the panned rebirth of my import business.  That rebirth will, of course, include an expansion of inventory made possible by my ability to follow my passion for travel in search of more tribal weavings and oriental carpets.

Thank you.”

Patricia Rowe

“Dr. Rozelle,

I trust the Neurology Conference in Chicago was as productive as it could be and I imagine that all went seamlessly with your study, speech, and presentation of work.

Several weeks into the David and VieLight sessions, and I am happy to relay to you that I am feeling quite strong.  It’s hard to put into words how meaningful meeting and working with you was and how it has, without a doubt in my mind, changed the trajectory of the injuries impact on my life and future.

Enclosed you’ll find a few of my poems that I thought may hold significance for you.  I hope you find use for them between a few pages of your many, many books!

Stay in touch Dr. Rozelle.  I would love to hear how all develops with your practice and life.  And perhaps I’ll see you at a Neurology Conference or Monastery in the future– time will tell!

With respect and goodness,”


“Under the guiding care of Dr. George Rozelle and his professional team, I am finally experiencing pain relief from a brain injury almost 30 years old.

As Jasmin administers her neurofeedback techniques, the nerve pain subsides, and I breathe a sign of relief.  May God also bless you with new joy at MindSpa.”

Jan Solomon


Thank you for introducing me to MindSpa.  You were so thorough and encouraging when I called to inquire about services and treatments available.  I was trepiditious about trying yet another group of doctors, but you helped me decide to come to MindSpa.  Thank you.”

Patricia Rowe

(941) 378-9959
5632 Bee Ridge Road, Unit 101, Sarasota, FL 34233