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Acupuncture Herbal Injections
Acupuncture Herbal Injections

Introducing Acupuncture Injection Therapy in Sarasota

Dr. Rachel Toomim AP celebrates 30 years in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practice with the addition of Acupuncture Injection Therapy.
Enhance your Acupuncture Session and your Nutrient Absorption.

Acupuncture Injection Therapy supports the treatment of injuries, inflammation, arthritis pain, low back pain and sciatic pain, neuropathy, immune system issues and much more. Choose a series of acupoint injections instead of the flu shot for your seasonal immune booster. Boost your energy with an acupoint targeted B12 injection.

Acupuncture Injection Therapy combines the detailed understanding of energy flow through the body and the power and support of herbal, vitamin/mineral or homeopathic solutions. Dr. Toomim will choose the acupoint locations based on your personal needs, and then choose the most powerful injection supplement to increase the stimulation of those points. You will receive the benefit of the stimulation of the acupuncture points, as well as the benefit of the supplements.The combination amplifies the treatment exponentially. Additionally, the body absorbs the nutrients more thoroughly and efficiently when acupuncture points are chosen to amplify the treatment.

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