MindSpa Health and Wellness Videos

A Spa for your Mind: Welcome to MindSpa

Introducing the Float Pod at MindSpa

SNN Report on PTSD Research Study

SNN Report on Dr. Rozelle Reacting to NFL Concussion Settlement

Introducing High Performance Neurofeedback (HPN) at MindSpa

HPN Study Focused on Retired NFL Football Players

HPN and Traumatic Brain Injuries at MindSpa

Sports Concussions and Neurofeedback at MindSpa

ABC 7 News Report about NFL Players Coping with Concussions

ABC 7 News Report about Parent Concerns about Concussions

Interview with Rachel Toomim, AP on Acupuncture

The MindSpa Brain-Medicine Approach to Treating Addiction

What is Biofeedback?

What is Neurofeedback?

Applications of Brain Mapping (QEEG)

How Chronic Stress Affects Your Brain

How Nexalin Technology Treats Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia

Introducing the BAUD – Bio-Accoustical Utilization Device

The BAUD Helps People Dealing with PTSD

Neurofeedback for Peak Performance

Neurofeedback for ADHD

Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)

What is Therapeutic Massage?

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Emotional Freedom Techniques and Beliefs with Darlene Coleman, CLC

EFT Tapping and ADD with Darlene Coleman, CLC

EFT Tapping and Reducing Test Anxiety with Darlene Coleman, CLC

EFT Tapping and Smoking Cessation with Darlene Coleman, CLC

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