Introducing the Juvent Micro-Impact Platform

Juvent platform face leftBy Randy Moore, Triple 3 Marketing, LLC

My latest experience at MindSpa was trying out the Juvent Micro-Impact Platform which is the newest technology being used at the integrative wellness center. The technology is designed to support bone health, relieve joint pain, relieve back pain, improve circulation, and improve balance. Juvent Health is based in Riviera Beach, Florida.

The FDA-registered medical device, which looks like a high quality bathroom scale, generates pulses of energy waves from the bottom of a patient’s feet through the length of their skeletal frame. Many patients use the Juvent Platform for 10 to 20 minutes per day. By the way, the technical name for the mild vibration is Low Magnitude Mechanical Stimulation.

I stood on the platform for 20 minutes and that can be challenging for people like me who have trouble standing still for one minute let alone 20. Fortunately, the platform was located in a quiet room at MindSpa where I had access to a computer. I opted to watch the digital clock on the platform instead and I also did some standing meditation which I learned at a Buddhist Center in Fargo, North Dakota.

All I felt from the Juvent platform was a light vibration on the bottom of my bare feet. I started to concentrate on the pulsation and I imagined Juvent was saying hello and wake up to my aging bones like an aerobics instructor starting a new class.

I kept focused on the vibration and even though it was quite subtle I was able to get my teeth to chatter ever so slightly. That’s a physical demonstration the pulses of energy were working their way through the length of my skeletal frame. That’s the main purpose of the platform according to Juvent.

The Juvent website presents information about the product and that includes testimonials from people like Mats Wilander, Ray Lewis and Steve Harvey. I’m familiar with the first two from being a sports fan, but who in the heck is Steve Harvey? With the magic of the Internet, I discovered he’s the host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Steve likes to clown around about himself, his family, losing weight, finding love, and other topics. Okay, I just learned he’s the host of Family Feud, a show I used to watch 100 years ago.

It’s up to you to decide if you believe people being paid can provide a credible testimonial. I always find these kinds of testimonials interesting just to see if the comments are substantive or superficial. Ray Lewis is a good salesman based on his short video talking about Juvent and of course I loved him as a football player.

I found a study by the Institute for the Ages based in Sarasota quoted on the Juvent website. The 2013 study reported improvement in how people felt from using the micro-platform. More than 200 people participated between the ages of 50 and 89. Of the 156 participants who completed the entire study of at least 15 20-minute sessions over 5-6 weeks, 58 percent reported feeling better after using Juvent.

The Juvent Micro-Impact Platform complements the clinical and spa services at MindSpa. A session is only 10-20 minutes so it can be combined with psychotherapy, biofeedback, life coaching, massage therapy, acupuncture, or enjoying a float in one of the floatation tanks. It is the integration of clinical and spa services with advanced tools and technology that distinguish MindSpa as a local and regional leader in integrative medicine.

Other technologies I’ve written about previously on this blog include the zero-gravity Floatation Tanks, Far Infrared Sauna, Dynamic Integrative Motion Chair, and Color Dome. I will be writing about some of MindSpa’s software games that enhance cognitive performance and its sensory immersion tools in an upcoming article.

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