Managing PTSD with RESET Therapy

older and younger veteranBy Randy Moore, Triple 3 Marketing, LLC

I attended a talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) November 3 at MindSpa presented by Dr. George Lindenfeld and Dr. George Rozelle. Dr. Lindenfeld introduced RESET Therapy and explained how a special device known as The BAUD works. RESET is an acronym for Reconsolidation Enhancement by Stimulation of Emotional Triggers. BAUD is an acronym for Bio-Acoustical Utilization Device. I’ll explain RESET Therapy and The BAUD in this article from a layman’s perspective.

Dr. Lindenfeld is also the author of the new book: The 20-Minute Trauma Fix: New Brain Science Supports Healing of PTSD set to be released this week. The Sarasota Herald Tribune featured an article recently about how Dr. Lindenfeld used RESET Therapy to help a veteran in North Carolina dealing with PTSD.

Dr. George Rozelle, the owner of MindSpa, contributed to the presentation by showing the results of a brain map of a local Marine Corp veteran who used RESET Therapy and The BAUD to deal with his PTSD symptoms. Dr. Rozelle and Dr. Lindenfeld are collaborating to support veterans, first responders and other adults.

PTSD is defined as a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event – either from personal experience or as a witness. Symptoms include: flashbacks, nightmares, stress, severe anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, various addictions, and social withdraw. PTSD concerns more than veterans. The symptoms also impact first responders, clinicians working in acute hospital settings, and any adult that has experienced any form of trauma.

One of the key points made by Dr. Lindenfeld is that PTSD is a disease of the memory. “The real problem is not that the trauma happened in the first place, but the fact that the memory of the trauma can’t be forgotten,” he explained. “Adults dealing with PTSD end up reliving the trauma over and over again and that includes mental pictures of the experience and their associated emotions such as fear, anger and sadness.”

“The emotional charge of the memories remain hair-trigger and intrudes into numerous activities of daily living,” Dr. Lindenfeld added.

RESET Therapy combines neuroacoustical stimulation (sound) with patient recall of traumatic memories. The idea is to reset emotional memory circuits to pre-trauma levels during the reconsolidation experience to reduce symptoms. Targeted sound with the use of devices like The BAUD interrupts the brain’s natural reconsolidation process.

“Specifically, RESET Therapy interrupts memory reconsolidation in the limbic system of the brain,” explained Dr. Lindenfeld. “We have learned from recent advances in neuropsychology and brain mapping that PTSD symptoms closely interweave with memory circuits in the limbic system. By focusing on the trauma, PTSD patients activate (light up) the targeted neural circuits in the brain. Their active participation is critical to the success of RESET Therapy.”

The BAUD is a FDA-cleared neuromodulation device that works through neuroacoustic stimulation. The device was invented in 2003 by Dr. Frank Lawlis, a pioneer in the field of medical psychology. The BAUD uses specially designed sound frequencies and waveforms to stimulate neural plasticity in the brain.

The BAUD is effective for emotional issues, overcoming urges or impulses, and physical symptoms including pain. A typical BAUD session lasts 20 minutes and many clients report immediate improvement. Thousands of clinicians are using The BAUD nationwide although the level of expertise in working with the technology varies.

Dr. Lindenfeld explains the connection between The BAUD and RESET Therapy: “The BAUD helps re-stimulate the reactive limbic portion of the targeted neural circuit. It also introduces a modifying stimulus in the form of a disruptive theta-pulsed sound that interrupts the reconsolidation of the sensitized memory circuit.”

It’s easy to get lost in the technical terms, but I listened to a local Marine Corp veteran at the PTSD presentation explain how RESET Therapy and the use of The BAUD helped him reduce his PTSD symptoms dramatically. The testimonial had quite an impact on everyone in the room. Dr. Rozelle of MindSpa also showed brain maps before and after the therapy with Dr. Lindenfeld. Dr. Rozelle said he was surprised and impressed with the dramatic change. That’s saying a great deal given his extensive experience

Methods like RESET Therapy, tools like The BAUD and skilled professionals like Dr. George Lindenfeld and Dr. George Rozelle are giving many people hope that PTSD doesn’t have to ruin people’s lives. It’s increasingly clear to me and other discerning adults that brain-based methods and tools are the future of medicine.

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