MindSpa Sailing on Sarasota Bay

MindSpa Sailing 2By Randy Moore, Triple 3 Marketing, LLC

MindSpa team members enjoyed a sailing excursion on Sarasota Bay September 11 with Key Sailing, a local charter business that provides sightseeing and sunset cruises. The team members included George Rozelle, Rachel Toomim, Leah Bishop, Darlene Coleman, Tina Meyer, Christina Lilley, and Genavie Cueman.

The 41-foot Morgan yacht named Key Breeze departed Marina Jack and sailed south into the mouth of Big Sarasota Pass. The weather was perfect and our hosts Tim and Jan Soloman distributed refreshments, snacks, chocolate treats, and roses for the ladies. In addition to seeing other sailing and power boats in the channel, we also saw several dolphins and lots of seabirds.

Jan told us the dolphins were attracted to the music they played which included a recording of their son playing guitar. Jan and Tim have been sailing together since 1973 and they were enthusiastic about sharing some of their experiences as long term residents of the community. Jan grew up in Sarasota and Tim also graduated from a local high school.

MindSpa Sarasota team SailingTim is an ordained minister and Jan’s father J.D. Hamel was a World War II veteran and chaplain for Sarasota police, hospital and fire department units. J.D. Hamel Bayfront Park is named in his honor. The Soloman’s still have the Key to the City presented to her dad by the City of Sarasota. They keep it on the boat along with other memorabilia. Jan’s mother was a violinist in the region with the Florida West Coast Symphony Orchestra, a group Jan would eventually join as a flutist.

The couple has traveled around the world doing missionary work in 30 countries on five continents from Ecuador to Siberia. They have earned many awards over the years including the 2012 International Business of the Year Award from the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Rozelle became aware of Key Sailing when he provided clinical support to Jan in connection with facial nerve damage. She has been living with pain since 1989 following an accident in Columbia.

“Dr. Rozelle and his team at MindSpa have helped me so much,” Jan added.

Taking a morning break to enjoy a relaxing cruise is a great way to end the week and start the weekend. It certainly fostered a sense of mindfulness. The benefits of mindfulness are integral to the mission and philosophy of MindSpa. It’s about focusing our conscious awareness on the present moment and not the past or possible scenarios about the unknown future.

MindSpa Sailing 3That’s easier to do when you are sitting comfortably on a sailboat in the middle of the bay with so much beauty everywhere you look. Of course, mindfulness can also occur when you are sitting in your living room or at your office. The key is being in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or worrying about the future.

Thousands of studies have documented the health benefits of mindfulness. The MindSpa team members all play their part in encouraging their clients and patients to be more attuned with the present moment. Some of the popular techniques that foster mindfulness include meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, and the use of biofeedback. You can add enjoying a morning sailing trip on Sarasota Bay to the list.

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