Myndlift, Neurofeedback Training at Home

Home neurofeedback training is available at MindSpa. 
A Note from Dr. George Rozelle,
For years I was reluctant to offer home neurofeedback options to clients because I always had concerns about proper electrode placement, not following the prescribed protocol, or not doing the training often enough. 
This is no longer the case with a new home training system called Myndlift. With this system, we can send home a dry sensor headset and a tablet which enable the home user to easily hook up and start playing any of several brain training games. This is done on a monthly rental basis. We maintain a Dash Board wherein we can set up a protocol, activate the client account, and monitor the training activity. We receive an email notification when the client starts training and we can monitor in real time or review later. Jasmin Driessen is our home training coordinator and she does a great job of monitoring, troubleshooting and holding people accountable. Home training is an excellent option for continuing care after in-office treatment. It is always important to do a brain map and thorough assessment first, and then, several sessions of neurofeedback in office to determine response to treatment. In some cases, we would also consider home training as an alternative to in-office for clients that live out of the area or have transportation challenges.
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