Dr. George Rozelle has been invited to participate in a panel presentation on clinical applications of EEG, with colleagues Dr. Michael Linden and Dr. John Lemay, to the EEG and Clinical Neuroscience Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA on September 8. This year’s conference is a joint meeting of four neuroscience organizations with the theme: Bringing EEG into the Clinic. In addition to ECNS, the International Society for Functional Source Imaging, the International Society for Neuroimaging and Psychiatry, and the International Society for Brain Electromagnetic Topography will be convening. Dr. Rozelle will present his research findings and clinical experience with the treatment of repetitive head injury in NFL players, PTSD in combat veterans, and brain-based addiction treatment. Dr. Rozelle stated,” This is a tremendous opportunity to share clinical information with research-oriented neuroscientists to create greater integration of applied clinical neuroscience and brain imaging.

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