Mindfulness, A Guided Mediation Class

Mindfulness with Darlene Coleman
June 27th, 12:15-12:45 pm
You feel as if almost from the moment you wake up your mind begins racing, thinking about what you have to do today, or worse, what you forgot to do yesterday. Your life and all of the responsibilities that go with it, play over and over in your mind, and you chew on it like a dog with a bone. You notice you are more irritable than usual, and you feel as if you no longer have the ability to hold focus for any sustained period of time, and worse, you are now in constant judgment of not only others but yourself. If this sounds like you lately, then please join us for a lunch break of “Mindfulness.” It’s calorie free, and the only thing you’ll be chewing on is peace and well-being. Mindfulness, in the most basic sense, is about waking up from living a life on automatic and becoming present to each moment in order for positive change to happen.
*This class is complimentary and will be held promptly at 12:15pm on Wednesday, June 27th. Please call 941-378-9959 by the 26th to RSVP your seat. We look forward to seeing you!

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