Oh, by the way …..

“Oh, by the way, I no longer have migraine headaches since starting neurofeedback.” The comment caught me by surprise because the problem we were addressing was trichotillomania, compulsive hair pulling.

There was never a mention of migraines. This occurred many years ago, but the comment was often repeated in the context of something not targeted was improving. Anything from urinary incontinence to sports performance improvement was repeatedly noted. I began to ponder the question of what is happening under the scalp electrode. It was clear that improved brain functioning affected all systems in the body. I began to conceptualize my work as fitness training for the brain. Just as in physical fitness, everything works better when you are fit. This observation led me to create MindSpa Mental Fitness Center in 2004. Like physical training, mental training required stress (working out) and recovery (resting). Many people develop problems when they reach a state of brain imbalance with too much stress or too much resting. The healthy brain has flexibility, speed, endurance, strength, resilience, and adaptability. Advances in neuroscience have given us the technology and body of clinical knowledge to enable us to help people improve their lives from a brain based approach.

~ Dr. George Rozelle



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