Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared SaunaThis is a type of sauna that produces deep penetrating heat through heat generators operating in the Far infrared area of the electromagnetic spectrum. This provides the beneficial effects of sunlight without the harmful effects of UV radiation. The skin is the major beneficiary of Far infrared heat through increased blood circulation, profuse sweating and improved elasticity.

Far infrared sauna therapy is said to duplicate the healthy frequencies of our own cells, which selectively absorb these rays causing the water in the cells to react by resonant absorption.

This causes toxins in the cells to be eliminated and excreted in sweat. A typical sauna session will cause a brief 1-3 degree increase in body temperature. This induced fever can trigger the production of white blood cells and killer T cells, thereby boosting immunity.

The Far infrared wavelength of light has the ability to warm objects without warming the air between the objects and the source. Far infrared saunas are more comfortable because they operate at temperatures of 100-130 degrees F compared to conventional saunas which operate at 180-220 degrees F. Far infrared rays penetrate 1.5 to 3 inches into tissues producing three times as much heat as traditional saunas. Warm up only takes about 10 minutes compared to 30-90 minutes for conventional saunas.

Sauna Sessions are 30 minuts long and can be combined with a float package.

  • Single 30 min sauna- $35.00
  • 3- 30 min sauna’s – $90.00
  • 6- 30 min sauna’s – $170.00
  • 10- 30 min sauna’s- $250.00
  • You may add shower time for  $10.00 per sessio.

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