MindSpa is an Integrative Wellness Center with hand-picked experts that can help you achieve your healing and wellness goals; not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. This section introduces our various services with helpful links where you can learn more. We welcome your questions anytime by telephone or email. The first section presents our Group Clinical Services and that’s followed by our Spa Services (MM29003).

Please visit the Intensive Outpatient Program Page to learn how MindSpa supports professionals dealing with various addictions. CenterPointe at MindSpa combines traditional therapy with brain-based technologies and other clinical and spa services available at MindSpa.

Dr. George Rozelle created MindSpa in 2004 because of his experience seeing the benefits of an integrative approach to medicine and healing. Blending complementary skills and experiences provides patients with the most effective treatments and results. Dr. Rozelle coined the term Four R’s for describing the integrative approach at MindSpa. The Four R’s include Read, Restore, Reset, and Rewire.

READ refers to the use of assessment skills and tools to get a clear picture of your condition and needs. That helps MindSpa create a sensible treatment plan tailored to you. Components may include a Clinical Interview, Psychophysiological Assessment, QEEG, Cognitive Testing, Medical Screening, and Neurotransmitter, Hormone or Toxicity tests. MindSpa also does a Nutritional Assessment.

RESTORE refers to suggested changes in diet, the use of supplements, possibly chelation treatments and other forms of detoxification, acupuncture, massage, infrared sauna, and other proven methods. These changes enhance the healing process and provide a stronger foundation for long-term wellness.

RESET refers to the use of state of the art tools to help reset the brain to be more open to positive change by disrupting stuck patterns and dysfunctional pathways in the brain. Resetting is often the area where powerful breakthroughs occur. Some of the MindSpa tools and methods for resetting the brain include Nexalin Treatments, High Performance Neurofeedback, Roshi (Neurodynamic Activator), BAUD, Pro Sweep, and Emotional Freedom Technique.

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REWIRE refers to clinical guidance to reinforce new learning that enhances the healing process. Neurofeedback is an effective approach using the Neurons that fire together wire together principle of neuroplasticity. Methods may include One and Two Channel Neurofeedback and LORETA Neurofeedback, as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, and Clinical Hypnosis.

MindSpa is committed to the Four R’s because the integrative process has proven its value over many years with a wide variety of patients and clients of all ages. It allows the MindSpa team to adapt their approach to tailor services and methods for each patient.

Many of our clinical services and technologies involve unfamiliar terms. To support our communication with patients and clients, we included a comprehensive Glossary on our website with more than 140 terms. We welcome your questions anytime by phone at 941-378-9959 or you can email

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